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Available in:

  • 5ml sample size £1.25
  • 50ml pump - £13.00
  • 100ml pump - £22.00
  • 50ml tin - £13.00
  • 100ml tin - £22.00
  • 180ml tin - £38.00
  • 250ml tin - £45.00


All of our creams are available Fragrance Free if required.  As this is a special order, they may take a little longer to arrive - but we will be as fast as we can.


A luxury, non-greasy face cream made with oils and active ingredients with anti-aging properties. The oils include:

  • Crambe seed, which is a non sticky, protecting and moisture retaining oil which is grown organically in the UK
  • Thistle oil provides a very high percentage of Omega 3 and 6
  • Apricot kernel oil which is especially good for sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature skin. It enhances skin elasticity and has a soft and smooth quality on the skin.
  • Shea butter moisturises, protects and heals the skin, especially dry and damaged skin
  • Vitamin E helps to preserve the oils used and also provides anti-oxidants which help preserve the skin.


With a blend of frankincense, rose geranium and lavender essential oils - all help with skin rejuvenation


Apply to cleansed skin morning and night, and massage in gently. For best results apply after one of our serums.


Luxury Frankincense Face Cream

  • Ingredients Spring Water, Crambe Seed Oil, Emulsifier, Thistle Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E,  Preservative, Shea Butter, Essential oils Frankincense, Rose geranium and Lavender

  • Denise - April 2019


    I bought three products from the Durham Vegan Fayre. Totally impressed. By the third day my eye wrinkles were less prominent from using the the eye cream and the skin care cream is leaving my skin radiant and with a velvety soft feeling. I usually use well known products only sold in beauty salons but I will be gradually changing to Naturally Smart Skincare products when my other products finish.


    Margaret Cotton  – August 21, 2015

    I’m just about to order my second pot of this cream. I love it. It goes on smoothly, sinks in quickly and leaves my face and neck feeling fab – great for a 60 plus lady. I can wholeheartedly recommend this product – you just need small amounts so it goes a long way too.

    Vicky Franklin  – August 3, 2015

    I keep a small pot of this creme in my handbag, and as is my want, every time I get stuck in traffic, I plunge the hand into my bag, pull out some creme or other, and rub a bit into my face. About a three weeks ago, I happened to pull out my tub of the luxury face creme, and dutifully went about rubbing it into my temples, eyes, cheeks and around my chin. Traffic lights changed and off I went. I did that every day and thought nothing of it – the creme was beautifully soft, went on very nicely and smelt really nice – what is not to like !!!
    Roll forward and this weekend, I noticed that there was a marked difference in my skin. Was it actually my skin I was looking at ?
    Tighter, younger and glowing ! Fabulous product – so I’ve just stocked up for myself and my mother !!


    Jane Ritson – June 7, 2014

    Every single product on this website is top quality with wonderfully nourishing and natural ingredients. The creator of these creams really knows her stuff, with each oil specially chosen for its specific benefits.

    This face cream is just beautiful. A silky texture and deeply conditioning.

    Natural and active ingredients really work. You could pay top price for a ‘name’ product and it wouldn’t be half as good and effective as this one. This cream is real value for money.


    Margaret Cotton  – January 9th, 2018

    Well I’ve not changed my mind, I love it and I think I have been using it for a couple of years now.  
    My only problem is that I get no warning when the container is empty so I can make sure I have a new one ready, it just stops.
    Other than that, love it, love it, love it.  


    Katharine Brechbuhler - April 2019

    This cream goes into the skin quickly, for me an advantage as I never have time for anything! It means I can put my foundation on almost immediately. I tend to have dry/sensitive skin and this cream is ideal for me and I can recommend it 100%.

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