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Fabulous new Vegan friendly rinse off solid hair conditioner range.


These have been carefully formulated to produce a very effective conditioner that's  economical to use. You will love this not only for i's function but also because it is portable, mess free and most importantly, plastic free. 


These conditioners come in fragrance blends to match our Shampoo Bars to provide you with the perfect plastic free hair care range. The essential oil blends also match the Whipped Body Butter blends, to give you the ultimate top to toe fragrance.


With wet hands emulsify the conditioner then massage into the hair; for longer hair gently rub the conditioner down strands of hair, before massaging in.  Rinse the hair well with warm water.


Weight minimum 40g and 70g


The blends are:



Tea Tree/Rosemary 

Lemon/Black Pepper/Litsea Cubeba 



Hair Conditioner Bar

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