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  • 15ml - £9.00


All of our creams are available Fragrance Free if required.  As this is a special order, they may take a little longer to arrive - but we will be as fast as we can.


This is an excellent general healing cream, with Thistle oil and Silica to combat nail brittleness

Silica is vital in maintaining the structure of connective tissue (known as collagen) & it is known as nature's building block and is very important for skin and nail cells.


The cream contains Thistle oil which has a very high percentage of Omega 3 and 6 as does Borage oil, both of which helps to address dryness and loss of suppleness. They help to create prostaglandins, which amongst other things promote the healing of skin damage.


Shea butter is good for moisturising, protecting and healing the skin, especially dry and damaged skin and glycerine pulls moisture from the cream deep into the skin.


It also contains Aloe Vera for its anti inflammatory, soothing and calming properties, and Vitamin E provides anti-oxidants which help preserve the skin and the oils used in the cream.


Vitamin A Palmitate aids skin repair, so is very good for dry and ragged skin around the nails.


Finally, a light touch of Cedarwood essential oil is anti fungal, antiseptic and antiviral, and very soothing and healing for the skin.


Apply a small amount to each cuticle and gently massage in.

Cuticle cream

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