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Cooling Foot & Leg Gel - fantastic to cool you in hot weather!


  • 30ml handbag size - £5.00
  • 100ml pump -  £14.00

It is ourAloe Vera gel with the addition of menthol, with peppermint and lavender essential oils. The menthol instantly cools the skin, and any breeze cools it even more.


It is called a foot and leg gel but it can be used all over your body if necessary - just not on your face.  I have, however, been known to put a tiny touch  on my temples when I have a headache, or at the back of my neck - you don't need much!


Like our other gels this includes D Panthenol as a moisturiser, so it doesn't dry flaky.  It would be useful as an after sun cooling gel.


Available in a 100ml pump or a 30ml travel sized pump for your handbag for cooling on the go.

Cooling Foot & Leg Gel

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